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Independent Alternative hip hop and R&B artist and producer out of Fredericton, NB - Ms.Thomas

Ms.Thomas is a highly diverse artist who grew up listening to an array of musical compositions and styles that have influenced her diverse sound today. 

Her influences stem from 2000s rnb and hip hop, all the way to pop rock and country. She often follows no limits when it comes to the creativity, animation and energy put into their music.

coming from a biracial background and being neurodiverse, she often expresses the various challenges faced growing up in New Brunswick walking between the "two worlds". 

"Music has always been my way to self identify. It allows me to be anything I can imagine!"


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Copy of S3CONDS EP BACK COVER - Made wit
S3CONDS EP BACK COVER - Made with Poster


Music, Production & Vocal Mix Samples

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Services Offered:

- Audio Recording

- Music Mixing

- Music Production



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Is a proud Female owned Music Studio in the heart of New Brunswick, Canada!


The Studio was founded in 2019 and offers a unique approach to music production servicing by catering to the holistic development of artists


Our goal is not only to provide clients with the best quality services in Audio Recording & mixing but also to increasing the awareness, and the importance of, personal wellbeing in the music industry. Our intention is to maximize creative output and long lasting career sustainability by discussing everyday barriers that may be getting in the way of your dreams!

Higher Vibrations Studio works diligently to network and provide key connections & resources in and outside the city of Fredericton, NB, Partnering with various, businesses, organizations and non profits to provide opportunity for artist showcases around the Maritimes. 


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Klub Khrome, Fredericton, NB 2019

SpeedBums Spot Bar, Fredericton, NB 2019

Live In Studio - Higher vibrations, Fredericton, NB 2019

AfroFest NB, Dieppe, NB 2019

Julia's lounge, Truro, NS 2019


afro Fest 2019

Catch a clip from Afro Fest 2019

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